• A Seasoned Freelance Writer
  • A Marketing Professional
  • Years of Experience in the Corporate World
  • Radio and TV Commercials
  • Press Releases
  • Articles for National Magazines
  • Voiceover Work
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Want it written right?

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  • Are you having trouble telling the story of your business?
  • Are your sales collateral materials not working for you?
  • ​Do you need more exposure to your potential customers?

Roger Diez Get It Write

Want to get it written right?

Get it Write!

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I can help!

I am a seasoned freelance writer and marketing professional who can help you put the best face on your business and attract more customers.

I understand business, because I have years of experience in the corporate world (including IBM, Unisys, Xerox, and Maxtor), as well as startups, and other small businesses. I have worked in engineering, marketing, customer support, and sales.

Since launching my writing career I have written radio and TV commercials, press releases, articles for national magazines and local newspapers, copy for advertising and PR firms, and content for a major internet marketing company. I also do voiceover work and have made a number of internet videos.

Roger Diez is an intelligent and versatile media creator who can wear many hats. He’s a writer, salesman and actor, and his versatile talents apply to the entire spectrum of mass media, from traditional print to Web video. In addition, he brings a commendable work ethic to any project—not to mention a wicked sense of humor!

Brent Boyton
Vice President of News and Production at KNPB

So if you want to freshen up your web content or sales collateral, place an article, or put out a creative and compelling commercial, let’s talk.